The Odawara Dansei Gasshoudan (Odawara Male Chorus – abbrebiated as ODADAN) was establish in November 2, 1971, in the city of Odawara, which is known as a typical Japanese castle town and the gate way to Hakone resort.
Following the establishment, the first annual concert was held on May 16, 1972. Next year, under the direction of Youichirou Fukunaga, it was awarded with a silver medal at 1973 All Japan National Chorus Festival held in Okayama.
ODADAN joined Japan Male Chorus Association (JAMCA) in 1975, and have participated from its 2nd concert held in 1975. ODADAN is now the board member of the association. ODADAN’s subsequent activites include the annual concerts, recordings (such as the “Ame – Rain” composed by Takehiko Tada, which is a well know male chorus piece in Japan), and participation to local music activities, such as the ninth symphony and Missa Solemnis of Beethoven, Requiem of Mozart, and Fujisawa unicipal opera.
ODADAN has established the Kanagawa Male Chorus Association,with the partnership of other mens’ chorus groups in Kanagawa, which is now the men’s chorus chapter representing Kanagawa prefecture with the membership of 13 chorus groups, and hosts chorus festivals once every 2 years.
We have invited our new music director Kouji Toyama in 1996, which was the birth of the new generation ODADAN.
ODADAN was awarded with the best performance and the special prize for its performance at the “All Japan Nursery Rhyme Festival -Hakushu IN Odawara”, which was held in commemoration of Odawara city’s 50th year municipalization. ODADAN asked for a new song celebrating its 30th anniversary to composer Takehiko Tada, which came up with a piece based on lyrics from former Oadawara resident Atsuo Ohki. “Seisho no Fuga” and was first performed atthe 30th anniversary concert, under the direction of Koji Toyama, and acquiring a favorable notice.
ODADAN performed at Concert House in Vienna in January 2006, which was the first successful overseas performance.
The second song commissioned to Takehiko Tada, “Gokan Shoukei” was first performed at JAMCA concert in Oita on October 2006, and the following 35th anniversary concert,under the direction of Kouji Toyama.
The current number of membership is 50.

Recent Activity in US, April 11, 2010